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  • Name: S-12 Shark Universal Overhead Guard
  • Numbers: S-12

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shark  Universal Overhead Guard S-12


Conventional blade guards for table saws protect hands from running blades and make some dust control, but they are far from ideal solutions. In order to provide woodworkers with much safer jobsite, cleaner shop and more enjoyable working experience, Harvey newly developed a unique Universal Overhead Guard System S-12.


For best rigidity and reliability, the S-12 overhead guard is structured with heavy duty steel frame, Cast Steel Joints and aircraft grade aluminum alloys. The blade guard hood is strategically shaped and optimized for most efficient dust flow, and it is made of high grade aluminum extrusion, ABS hood and “unbreakable” transparent PC. In the mean time, S-12 is uniquely designed to have 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF), which enables adjusting the guard at any desired position. The guard can be set at any height position above blade through a linear guideway and an aircushion cylinder. Finally the two big rubber wheels under the guard will slide on workpiece which makes cutting silk smooth and effortless. The whole unit weight is about 100 lbs.


Being equipped with S-12 Shark Guard System, you can substantially control the airborne dust out of table saws and enjoy clean air in your shop. Also the hard and strong guard will virtually isolate running blade from your hands to prevent accidents. The big see-through PC hood will always fully guard the blade at any angle of tilting. Unlike other blade guards, S-12 guard is always in place even when you perform Dado cutting. When you make blade change or other operations with no need of guard, the S-12 guard can be easily pushed away to the back of the table saw.


The S-12 Overhead Guard System is designed to be a user-friendly kit, and fits most of the 10” and 12” table saw/cabinet saws in the market.