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  • Name: TURBO T-40 Woodworking Lathe
  • Numbers: T - 40

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TURBO T-40 Woodworking Lathe
Tools come from thoughts, and serve just as the extension of your hands. An ideal tool should be performing just as good as your hands, with instant response to your minds; and it has to be amusing, enlightening and beautiful.

Harvey team never stopped pursuing excellence of tools to achieve user’s extreme working experience. After development of Harvey Turbo T-50/60 heavy duty woodworking lathes, Harvey team spent over two years trying to develop a smaller sized ideal lathe which can fit operations of serious hobbyists and personal job shops. Now we are glad to announce that the idea come true: Turbo T-40 Lathe was just born to the earth.

In order to overcome long existing issues of insufficient toque and “speed lost” on most of the small lathes in the market, for the first time in the industry, Harvey introduced the Industrial Servo Motor (ISM) system and integrated into T-40 spindle drive.

With marvelous 300% overload capacity, ISM can easily overcome frequent overloading during turning operation, and the extraordinary speed rigidity of ISM can maintain turning speed with no change. What more, with delicate software tuning, ISM drive can intelligently track the toque needed and simultaneously provides proper power to spindle. Therefore the turner will always feel smoothness of turning without any hassle and interruptions. This revolutionary technology simply brings Turbo T-40 lathe into a completely new level of turning experience.

Turbo T-40 lathe is constructed with premium grade cast iron and machined to the best possible accuracies. The guideways are precision ground for smoothness of operation. The whole body of T-40 lathe is pained by shiny black stoving varnish. All fit & finish are dedicatedly engineered and crafted for excellence of human experience without compromise.

T-40 has features 360mm (14”) max swing, and 625mm (24”) center distance. The spindle head can rotate up to 90°for outbound turning.  Also, 80KG (178 lb) weight makes T-40 the heaviest animal in its league. Harvey team sincerely hopes the new Turbo T-40 with make a greatly enjoyable “toy” for turners.



  Industrial Servo Motor drive system with 300% overload capacityy

  Forward/Reverse spindle rotation

  Quick spindle stop (within 1 second)

  Variable speed 150 – 4300 rpm

  Swivel headstock up to 90°(anywhere locking) for outboard turning

◆     Robust structure with premium cast iron – 80kg (178 lb)

  Precision machined and ground guide ways

  Forged and ground alloy steel spindle with 3 oversized bearings

  Cast steel tool rest with specially hardened blade against wearing

  Oversized solid banjo for smooth operation

  Built-in spindle 24 indexing system with tool less locks

  Black shiny body with baking painting


Maximum swing over bed


Maximum swing over banjo


Distance between centers


Spindle motor drive

Industrial Servo Motor system 220V\50Hz(60HZ)\1Phase

Spindle Speed (variable)

60-2800rpmLow range

90-4300rpmHigh range

Tool rest length


Spindle Data


M33x 3.5mm (1-1/4" x 8 TPI UNS)

Through hole dia.




Tailstock Travel



Tailstock Quill


Through hole dia.


Outer dia.

32mm (1-1/4”)



3Face Plate


Spindle Indexing

24 positions

Net weight

80KG (178 lb)